SimpleCharge - Car Holder/Charger

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Comfort, safety, efficiency. These are a few of the amazing benefits our newly released SimpleCharge will bring to your life.

No-Sensor, More affordable car holder/charger.

When our engineers crafted this amazing product, we thought about all the problems that can arise from not placing your phone in the right place while driving. Falling under your seat, phone dying, holding the GPS while driving and risking an accident. 

We also realized how uncomfortable it was to use an antiquated holder, which didn't charge your device.

Fast charge: uses an advanced charging system that charges your phone nearly 1.7x faster than a regular charger by using wireless charger. Don't worry, we are aware not everyone has a wireless charging capable phone which is why you can add an adapter to your order here!

Safety First: We know you worry about your loved ones or even about your own safety! Holding your phone while driving increases your likelihood of crashing by 76%! That is something you don't have to sacrifice. SimpleCharge keeps you hands free and focused on what you care most! Getting home safe.


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