Take 3 Cameras for $60!

The future: Redesigned

We crafted the perfect camera. Smaller than an inch per side. Full HD video, night vision and pictures. Place it anywhere, at anytime.

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  • Full HD video. Perfect for travel videos, home security and dashcam.

  • Extremely portable. Being smaller than an inch per side, it makes for the perfect pocket camera while on the road, or the perfect hidden camera for security.

  • Whether you're recording lovely experiences or making sure your home and loved ones are safe, the OMNI Mini Eye has you covered.


Can it work while charging?

Yes. You can use the camera while charging for unlimited recording or on the go with the internal battery.

Does it shoot in HD?

Yes, the OMNI Mini Eye HD records in 1080P HD. Also has infrared night vision for nighttime recording.

What does the purchase come with?

Each OMNI Mini eye HD is shipped with a charging cable, a clip to clip the camera wherever you'd like and a camera stand (Perfect for dashcam)

Buy MiniEye HD: Keep an Eye on What You Care Most About!



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